Chap 1 Backstory: Facing Poverty – Part 1 of 2

Major Benefit of This Blogged Book

One benefit of this blogged book is that it gives you proof.  I have lived out these principles, or guidelines, for overcoming the effects of poverty for the last 33 years.  My simple story shows they work!


As the foundation for the backstory, here is a timeline of how this book came to be:

  • 1982 – As a new Christ follower, a mature Christian couple took my daughter and me under their wing. (This is the “Wexel” family in the book–not their real name). That was the first time ever  I was befriended by someone I considered wealthy.
  • 1985 – I began writing this book (originally entitled “The Happy Have-Not”.) During three years of close friendship with the Wexels, God helped me change my attitude toward having and having not.  This in spite of the fact that we still were, most definitely, living through hard times.
  • 1999 – A Christian movie producer, who saw an article I had written that summarized “The Happy Have-Not”, called to express interest. Needless to say, this was a HUGE pat on the head from God for me.   The producer said things were better for authors to get the book written first.  So nothing happened – except I tried to finish writing it ASAP although I was working full time and going to school half-time.
  • 2001 – I finished the manuscript and a proposal the same year I entered graduate school. I mailed it to a publisher but then stopped trying after two rejections.  School consumed the next four years, then I worked full-time from 2005 through 2012.  In 2012, I relocated to Texas to be with my daughter and her family.
  • 2015 –After three years of delightedly devoting most of my time to helping with my two grandsons, I began this website and my other one

And here we are, you and I, on this journey together.  I’m having fun and being so blessed in the process – hope you are, too!

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