Unjealous Heart, Chap 5, Post 9 – Gratitude for Cookies

cookie tins 2

While she was doing the fancy decorating, I mixed up dough for the second kind of cookies we made that year, rolled peanut butter crackles.  These were great to take for kid’s parties and PTA functions because they always turned out just right, with a perfect crack across the top.  They were a homemade cookie that looked like it came from a bakery.  However, making them meant a lot of rolling out as they were a shaped cookie and had to be rolled between the palms of your hands. This rolling out was Sharon claimed as her job.

            “Hey, Mommy!  Don’t you have that peanut butter cookie dough ready yet?  Rolling out is my job, you know, and I’m almost done with these sugar cookies.”

“Hey, yourself, and don’t rush me, please.  I’m almost done and the cookie factory foreman will dock my pay if he finds out you’re ahead of me.”

In spite of her good intentions, by the time she had decorated and packed all those cookies into the right tins and then rolled out one a half batches of peanut butter crackles, Sharon’s pace was visibly slowing.

cookie tins 1

            “Why don’t you lie down in the viewing room while I finish up the cookies.  There isn’t much more to do, and The Black Stallion starts at eight o’clock.”

“Okay, but did you really read the book four times when you were in school?”

“Why, I certainly did!  I loved horses almost as much as you do, sweetie.  I read a lot of other horse books, too.  The library in our town had more of those than any other kind of story.  It wasn’t as big as our libraries in Tampa.”

In five minutes, I had almost finished the peanut butter crackles       “Come on, Mommy!  It’s starting!”

I slid the last sheet of peanut butter crackles into the oven and gratefully flopped onto the blue blanket beside a very excited Sharon.  After the shipwreck, while Alec and the Black were busy surviving on the island, I mixed the third kind of cookie dough—chocolate chip.  Fortunately, this was Sharon’s favorite kind of cookie and I made it often enough so I could mix them on automatic pilot.  From where I stood between the counter and the oven, I was as close to the television anyway as if I were in the room.  Once I had a batch in the oven, I laid down for ten minutes while they baked.    I hardly missed a word as  Henry Daily, played by Mickey Rooney, showed Alec how to “throw him away” when he gave the Black his head on the stretch.  By the time the Black had won his race and he and Alec were back home, our six batches of cookies were baked, cooled, and packed up in those tins.

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