Ch 1 Frugal Living Tips – Don’t Get Trapped by Feeling Poor

Feeling Poor is a Deadly Trap

  1. If your children are very young, they might not realize how difficult your family’s finances are.
  2. You can do countless things that will reduce the sting of that inevitable realization. That is the main focus of this book.
  3. However, regardless of what you do, your children will one day understand that their family has less and does less than other families.
  4. At some level, you yourself likely struggle with feeling and/or actually being poor. Because our world values the possessions, status, power, and recognition money can buy, all but the wealthiest face the green-eyed monster of jealous.  And truly, those at the top of the monetary heap seem even more focused on things that come with wealth.
  5. You must admit and overcome hidden feelings of jealousy, embarrassment, shame, anger, resentment, inferiority and especially helplessness and hopelessness.  These feelings will keep you and your family trapped in your current financial and emotional situation.   If I did it, you can, too.  I admit it was not easy.
  6. More importantly, you will pass these same crippling attitudes on to your children – unless you stop feeling poor – NOW. No, you cannot change your situation or all your attitudes overnight but you can make dramatic changes immediately – just by changing what you say out loud.

How do you stop feeling poor?   

Begin by being grateful – out loud so your children can hear – for whatever good your family has. For example:

  • On your way home from driving, or walking, to buy groceries or pick up a bag from a food bank, say “I am so glad we have so many groceries! What do you kids want for dinner tonight?”
  • When you tuck them into bed, give them an extra hug and kiss and say “We are so lucky to have a warm and dry bed to sleep in.”
  • If you must send your children to school without breakfast or a lunch box, tell them “You enjoy that breakfast and lunch today at school. I want to hear what you had when you get home!”
  • You get the idea. Just look around you.  You are surrounded with things you can talk about with your children.

In Matthew Chapter 6, verses 25 through 34. God carefully warns us not to worry about material things–because He will take care of us.  He points out that the birds do not worry about what to eat or what they will wear and He feeds them. Then He says, “. . .Are you not much more valuable than they?”  Think about that a minute.

In another place in Matthew (Matthew Chapter 10, verse 31) Jesus says He knows about each detail of our lives, that “even the very hairs of our head are all numbered.” (verse  30)  Then He says in verse 31, “So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”

For a beautiful rendition by Whitney Houston of the song based on this verse click here



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