Chap 7, Post 1 – Trusting God in Hard Times

  Chapter Seven

  Adolescent Agitation

Hard Times

Change, broad, sweeping, life-altering change, most often comes suddenly and when least expected.  It is no accident that such change is often compared to a storm. Depending on geographic location, the most apt analogy might be a tornado, a blizzard, or a hurricane.  Regardless, the sequence of events in life-altering change and storms are similar.

1winter blizzardFirst, there’s a frenzy of violent, intense activity followed by a calm requiring one to assess what was destroyed, damaged, and rearranged.  One has to plan how to proceed with life in the new surroundings when the comforting, familiar landmarks of daily life have been forever altered.

These landmarks upon which we all depend include the hour of sleeping and waking, place of employment, manner of dress, days designated for certain activities.  Perhaps, most of all it’s just the feel of a typical workday that waits for you Monday morning, like a laid-out suit of clothes you can gratefully, if a little resentfully, slip into without picking up the burden of conscious thought or the irritation of unfamiliarity.

As a blizzard or hurricane or tornado changes the visible landmarks by which we navigate through the roads,  so  financial storms change those comforting and familiar landmarks by which we navigate our daily life.

Trusting God

In late spring of the year Sharon was in fifth grade, we endured that kind of storm-like change.  My income taxes confirmed the nagging suspicion I had ignored that being a private subcontractor was not the financial dream come true I had been led to believe by, not surprisingly, the owner of the company profiting from my labor.  Imagine my horror when I discovered I owed $800 in income taxes. it might as well have been $8,000.


God will make a way where there seems to be NO way
God will make a way where there seems to be NO way

As I sat at our little rickety card table that morning, with papers and forms covering every inch, I knew this was another occasion to learn how to trust God more.  There literally was no way to solve this problem that I could see.  Over the years, I had told many other single moms that “God will make a way where there is now way.” It was my turn now to walk that faith out in my own life.

If I had had a computer way back then I would have listened to encouraging songs like this over and over and over  – until I felt His peace.


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