Ch 7, Post 7 A Birthday Too Sweet For Words, Part 1 of 2

More Good Qualities Were Blooming

Another interest Sharon pursued on her own without any urging or subsequent help from me due to my own lack of skill, was cross-stitching.  A school friend, whose mother had taught her, helped her get started with counted cross-stitch and she was soon better at it, and more persistent, than her friend.

She did it all by herself! I marveled at her initiative.
She did it all by herself! I marveled at her initiative.

She completed a large canvas of trees in browns, golds, and yellows and took it to the craft store down the street from the apartment three different times, for the owner to show her how to knit tabs to attach the completed canvas to a dowel rod.  It graced the wall over the television for all the years we lived in that little apartment.  I was more than proud!

A Kind and Generous Heart

Besides her independence, acceptance of responsibility and development of individual interests, what would eventually be her adult personality and habits of heart were budding as well.  How I cherished those signs of sensitivity and depth of feeling and capacity to love!  She had a truly kind, gentle, and generous heart, which she demonstrated on my birthday in late August that year.

She was waiting for me in the recliner when I came home from work and was on her feet before I’d completely opened the door.

“Here, Mommy” she said, taking my purse, my lunch bag, and my tote.

“Come sit here in the recliner.  I’ve got something for you.”

She stepped into the bedroom and came back, holding a big, irregularly-shaped present and singing, “Happy Birthday to you!”   Her eyes danced more than they did when she was the recipient of gifts.

Too many presents!
Too many presents!

“Thank you, baby.  What a big present and what lovely singing!”

“Oh, don’t open it yet, Mommy.  There’s more.”

She returned with a box wrapped in blue paper and a bag.  The bag was obviously heavy. Its two ends were taped-together and topped with a big blue bow, the kind that cost $1.99 each and that hang by a hook, individually, above matching packages of wrapping paper, enclosed in cellophane.

“What a beautiful present!  But you shouldn’t have spent your money. ..”  She had spent long hours working with Major Boon. Every dime had cost her hard work and precious Saturday free time.

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