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Frugal living can change the effects of poverty

Cherish your possessions – Diligence, Part 1



“ … the diligent man prizes his possessions.” Proverbs 12:27  (New International Version, 1973)

Benefits of cherishing your possessions. When my daughter was little and we struggled with single-parent poverty, I learned that taking good care of everything we had—“prizing” or cherishing my possessions—helped us both enjoy them more. When I read the Bible verse above for the first time so long ago, I worked four patient weeks to clear out the clutter, clean, polish, and then invest in a few inexpensive furnishings. A gingham tablecloth on our card table-dining table, matching place mats and artificial flowers turned our dining corner of the kitchen into an island of beauty for Sharon’s ten-year-old eyes and my grateful ones.

“Fighting clutter is like fighting weeds” (anonymous). A few weeks ago I looked around my tiny apartment and realized I had failed to “prize my possessions” for far too long.  I had excused my laziness by thinking, “No matter what I do it still looks like a storage unit because boxes have to be stacked along nearly every wall.”  It stung when I remembered the first part of the Bible verse quoted above “The lazy man does not roast his game, but the diligent man prizes his possessions.”

Ouch! Since then, I’ve been working to tidy things up and clear out accumulated clutter. It will take a while to finish but already I’m feeling less stressed. Read the article from Psychology Today at the link below to see why.

Amazing, isn’t it? I’m so grateful my loving heavenly Father gently, but firmly, reminded me of one no-cost way I can make my life more peaceful.  And who can put a price on peace?

Forest dawn

Grace upon grace. . . we have all we need.

ceredigion wave

 “For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. (John 1:16, English Standard Version)

Blessed in hard times. I heard “Grace Upon Grace” when I was a new Christ follower. The reassuring lyrics and gentle melody have echoed in my spirit for more than 30 years as God has provided time after time, year after year. Truly, His grace is like the waves on the shore.

  • Once, when my ten-year-old daughter needed shoes, we found a twenty dollar bill tucked under some sweaters for a “rainy day.”
  • Someone in church paid her tuition at a Christian school – for seven years.
  • More times than I recall we found ridiculous savings on groceries.
  • The owner of a car repair shop who attended our church fixed our tired little car – for nearly nothing.
  • When my daughter outgrew clothes, family or friends showed up and took us shopping.
  • Best of all, God gave me a grateful heart and taught me to trust in Him, not myself.

Trusting God. And what was I doing all those years? Well, I prayed – a lot! I obeyed everything I knew about God, always studying to learn more. I tithed, even though another well-meaning believer said “God will understand if you don’t tithe right now”.  I served in my local church, witnessed as the Lord led, and kept seeking to draw closer to God.

I was and will always be far from perfect, but I know enough to obey and trust God. He has shown Himself  my perfect Provider, Father, Best Friend, Counselor, Healer, Comforter, and so much more! 

Today, I am still what most would call poor. Yet, I am rich – I am seeing my grandsons grow, and I have the privilege of writing during my retirement years.  Best of all, year by year, love for God and His Word, for nature,  music, and friends  deepens year by year.  And His grace continues to pour, as faithful as the waves on the shore, “always enough, always more … “

Trust brings encouragement. Whatever your need, wherever you are, God’s grace is pouring out on you whether you recognize it or not.  By His grace, every living thing has His breath of life. He longs for you to have His peace and to live a full, joy-filled life, regardless of outer circumstances.

As the Message translation of the Bible says in Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He’s the one who will keep you on track.”

Cast your worries on Him as you listen to “Grace Upon Grace” at the link below. Ponder how faithful He is. Ask Him to open your eyes to the grace He is pouring out on you this very moment.

“Like the ocean in waves, ever sweeping the shore,

to His children comes the grace of the Lord

And like the mighty sea, so deep and so wide

His grace to us saints — an endless supply.

Grace upon grace, like the waves on the shore!

Always enough, always more!

Grace upon grace, like the waves on the shore,

all that we need is ours from the Lord.

Daylight or midnight, the waves touch the shore,

One on another, they faithfully pour!

Summer or winter, they never subside,

and so our gracious Father provides …

Grace upon grace, like the waves on the shore!

Always enough, always more!

Grace upon grace, like the waves on the shore

all that we need is ours from the Lord … all that we need is ours from the Lord.

From the 1984 CD “Fighting the Fight” – by Gordon Jensen

Running at Sunset