Professional Services

Yes, I have a Ph.D. (in Educational Measurement and Research). I seldom include the degree in my signature because I no longer work full-time as a researcher and evaluator. However, as an independent consultant, I still conduct surveys and analyses of churches and other non-profit organizations.

First things first, here is my resume.    FredaFarmerResume

Second is my portfolio (“Professional Services Options”).  It includes an explanation of what evaluation can do for your church or organization, as well as sample reports.  Please note that evaluation is really an analysis of information that has been gathered to help make decisions. It is NOT like the annual evaluation given to employees.   Freda Watson Portfolio 2013   (Please note that I recently resumed my maiden name of Farmer.) 

If you need a report on general church health, several large organizations have created excellent surveys.  Because of their size, these organizations provide excellent, well-researched surveys at extremely low cost.

I conduct surveys and analyses that are more specific.   I have specialized training and experience that helps understand the “why” of the numbers.  For examples of this kind of qualitative research , please see the sample reports in the portfolio.