Tips, Resources, & Backstory

Three Changes to Make This Site More Useful to You

Sometimes it seems the only constant is change, right?  Well, “Stop Feeling Poor Now: Give Your Child and Yourself an Unjealous Heart” will  soon have three new types of blog posts.  You will continue to receive a portion of the book regularly.  However, these three types of posts will appear in addition to the story itself.

  1. Insights and tips that are embedded in the chapter – This book was written to help others in the same or similar situation as me and my daughter. Therefore, I purposely wrote the book so that it illustrates what helped us. But. . . I want you to see those things clearly, so I will put them in a list.
  2. Other blog posts and related information available on the internet – Quite a few folks are blogging about thrift and gratitude and other topics included in “Stop Feeling Poor Now: Give Your Child and Yourself an Unjealous Heart.” I will collect these links and put them into a post.
  3. The backstory for each chapter – Each chapter has its own back story or events that led up to what happened in that chapter. Including these in the story itself would interrupt the flow. So, the backstory posts will show you what I was doing that made the story turn out like it did.   For example, since becoming a Christ-follower I have tithed (given ten percent of my gross income to God, which He says in the Bible we are to do.)  I have also given offerings above the tithe as well as “alms” or free gifts to those who were poorer than me.   That obedience is one reason God has taken such good care of my daughter and me all these years.

These posts will also be on this tab, divided clearly by chapter.

That is a bit of catching up to do since we are about to start Chapter Six but I am going to thoroughly enjoy it.  I hope these additional posts will make this blog more useful to you!

Love to and prayers for you and all your loved ones!